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Complete Post-Divorce Financial Planning

Congratulations! Now that you are divorced, most professionals will stop here. Not at Austin Divorce Planners. We are your partner for the long haul and in most cases, the real work is just beginning. Now that you have a divorce decree, it’s usually up to you to work with various financial institutions to open accounts in your name, transfer assets into your new accounts, and generally help make sure the divorce decree is properly executed. 

Services That Help You Begin Again

Our care goes beyond the divorce itself because you'll find there is just as much work to do after the divorce as there was during the initial process.

We extend a variety of important services that will help you launch your new life.
  • Transfer of title for real estate assets
  • Opening accounts to house liquid assets
  • Transferring assets within institutions
  • Transferring assets between institutions

Emphasizing Financial Planning for Women

Austin Divorce Planners is the only company in town that specializes in helping women work with their finances during and after a divorce.

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