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Targeted Divorce Planning for Men

For a man, divorce proceedings can be an uphill battle in a system that favors his spouse. Even the odds with expert advice from Austin Divorce Planners.

Let us put our 26 years of experience to work for you. Our services will free you to address all the other issues that can otherwise overwhelm you during this major change in your life and the lives of your children.

Secure Your Financial Future

Don't sacrifice your financial future and your security during the disruption that comes with divorce. We'll help you protect your assets, no matter what situation you face or where your assets are placed.
  • Marital or rental home
  • 401K or any other retirement account
  • Pensions
We'll also keep our eye on the future with amended retirement planning that takes your altered circumstances into account. We will also help you with realistic college planning for your kids.

Consulting With Your Divorce Professionals

Austin Divorce Planners is not a one-time consultation. We'll sit in on any mediation efforts and also consult with any other professionals involved in your divorce process.
  • Lawyers
  • Private investigators
  • Financial bookkeeping business evaluators
  • Mortgage real estate agents
  • Any other professionals

All the Financial Services You'll Need

There's going to be a lot coming at you during your divorce, so you'll need our assistance and experienced analysis of your options.
  • Help in completing the financial homework that has been assigned to you by your family law attorney 
  • Assistance in working through your inventory and identifying your assets through easy-to-read spreadsheets
  • Recommendations on how to divide your assets by analyzing the pros and cons of taking them in their entirety or splitting them between you and your wife
  • Analysis software directed toward different settlement proposals
  • Assistance in getting accounts in your name at the end of your divorce and removing your wife from your accounts
  • Management of your liquid assets as you move forward
  • Evaluation of your pension
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