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Helpful Divorce Loans Available

If you're facing an expensive divorce process and you don't have access to funds in order to get the process started, we may be able to help. 

Austin Divorce Planners can connect you with private lenders who will provide you with a loan based solely on your expected post-divorce assets. Contact us to find out if this kind of loan is right for you. 

Can You Get a Loan for Your Divorce?

"A few years ago, I had a client who wanted to divorce her financially abusive husband, but she did not have access to the family accounts and could not therefore hire a qualified attorney to take her case.

Most attorneys ask for a retainer between $2,500 and $10,000 depending on the experience of the attorney and the city you are getting divorced in.

She was able to find an attorney who would take her on without a retainer because he knew that he could set a hearing to get temporary orders in place that included getting access to funds that she could then use to pay him. However, even then, most of the family assets were tied up in company stock that was worth millions.
In the end, all she got was the house, and she could only live in it until her teenage kids were 18, at which time she would have to sell the house and find another place to live.
Needless to say, had she been able to get a loan for her divorce, she could have hired a much more experienced attorney, perhaps even a securities attorney as well, and she would have most likely come out far better in the end.

If you think that a divorce loan is right for you, call me at 512-963-6883 and let’s set up a FREE, no obligation, 1-hour consultation to discuss your specific situation." - Keith, Austin Divorce Planners
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Austin Divorce Planners is one among a handful of financial advising firms focused 100% on divorce planning. It is the only one in town that primarily works with women.

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